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LEAP CD (LTD 1st Edition with Obi-Strip)

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Limited 1st Edition LEAP CD.

Type: digipak, with obi-strip.
Runtime: 9 tracks, 30:13 long.
CD front cover art by Jonathan La Mantia.
CD disc art by Brandon "kinjiro" Lepine.
Inside digipak art by Angela Oddling.
Obi-strip design by @octbrfrst.

I thought I was on to me, that I had it all figured out.
Things fell apart anyway.
Either I fall alongside the floor collapsing underneath my feet,
or I leap.

Release Date: March 15th, 2023


1. Post-Timeskip Clarity
2. Half-Silvered
3. My Bag
4. Agent Orange (w. Heems)
5. Worth 2 (w. Kill Bill: The Rapper & Scuare)
6. Incorporeal
7. The Skin i Live In
9. Me, Forever

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